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ALL DONATIONS are used to support our low income spay/neuter program, help with veterinarian bills, provide food to rescues and individuals in need and you can specify which one of these you want to have your donation if you wish.  We do not use paid staff members.   Drop us a note if you want more information: admin@arcshawnee.org   Thank you for making a difference in the community!!!

NEW - You can also make your donation and request is go to our Tri-County No-Kill Building fund!!!!   NEW


Just because an animal is pictured does not imply it is still available.  Act fast and contact the Shawnee Animal Shelter  to see an animal for adoption. 

Pit and Pit mixes can now be ADOPTED.

ARC is NOT part of the Shawnee Animal Welfare, but we take these pictures as a service to help save pets.  Please contact the Shawnee Animal Shelter at 405-878-1531.  Thank you!!


Please visit the lost and found page.

NEEDED: If you have a pet carrier/pet taxi in good working order that you are not using.  Please consider donating it to ARC for use in our spay/neuter projects.  Drop us an email and we will make arrangements to pick it up.  We need all sizes.  Thank you.

Select this link to view pictures from the Shawnee Shelter

To View our adoptable pets that are already vetted, visit our petfinder page.

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