A.R.C. Low income Spay/Neuter Program



The Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee, in conjunction with the Oklahoma City Humane Society, provides access to low cost spay/neuter services for the community and other rescues.

The cost is:
Dog spay/neuter - $45
Cat spay/neuter - $30

Other services that can be obtained with spay/neuter services are:
Rabies vaccinations - $5
Yearly dog and cat vaccinations - $10
Bordetella vaccinations - $10
Heartworm test - $20
FIV/Felv test - $20

The owner will come to a designated location early in the morning to complete paperwork, provide proof of income and drop off the pet.
The pets will be picked up and transported to Oklahoma City for the procedure.
The pets will be returned at a set time later that afternoon to be picked up by the owner.  Twenty slots are available for each date, however, a list of qualified applicants will be kept for future spay/neuter clinic dates. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
Contact A.R.C. at 405-431-9326 or e-mail admin@arcshawnee.org.