Looking For A Good Home



6-10-2011  White is Female and Fixed about 7 years, Black is Male and Fixed about 4 year. Contact Krystal.Harris@georgfischer.com


1-16-2011 Have a hound mix about a year old.  Friendly, sweet and loves to play. He desperately needs a home.  Sandra 405-589-2945

1-4-2011 This little one is a few months old, not spaded, but willing to do so.  Friendly, sweet and loves to play with children. She desperately needs a home.  Suzi Lawrence 1-405-788-6558 slawrence@teleflora.com


1-02-2011 6 month old, male very good natured and has been vetted, thinks he is part Weimaraner....Contact Alice 273-2797. 


12-09-2010  These puppies are looking for a good home.  Contact Keri Standlee, 405-625-7699 or email KeriEZimmerman@yahoo.com


12-07-2010  Seminole Humane Society has a great dog looking for a home.  Click here PDF flier.

12-03-2010 We are moving to Dallas to an apartment. We will be moving early January 2011. We have 2 dogs that we would like to keep, but we can't. I would love to find a home for them, either a forever home or a nice foster home.  They are good dogs and they are very loved. One is Chloe, a black lab and she is 8 years old. Someone gave her to us when she was about 6 weeks old.  She was born in Nov of '02.  She has a sweet nature and loves attention. She was spade and got all her shots at Petsmart when she was young. She loves kids and loves to play ball, play tug and fetch.  She is house trained and stayed in the house when she was young but stays outside now most of the time, except for when it is cold or rainy. I don't know if she would do too well with other dogs because she is obsessive with her toys and has a tendency to bury them in the yard to keep them away from Rusty, our other dog. She is also obsessive of her food.  She loves Benefull Harvest Medley and we feed her about 7 heaping cups, once a day around 5 or 6 PM. She has a bowl, collar and kennel and that will all go with her.  I would love for her to find a good home, she is so deserving.  The other dog is Rusty.  He was a rescue dog I got from Petsmart about 4 years ago. I got him because Chloe seemed so lonely after our wire fox terrier passed away in '06. They were great friends. I think she really enjoyed playing with Rusty,when he was little, but now they fight sometimes.  Rusty is very jealous of her and is very obsessive with us and doesn't want us to pet her.  I have to separate them sometimes so I can do so.  He guards us from her when we are on the patio, but doesn't so much when we are just in the yard.  Funny.  They love to play chase and for the most part do get along most of the time.  I don't know if Rusty would get along with any other dogs.  He has not been too socialized with people or other pets.  I kind of wish they could stay together since they are so used to each other.  Rusty was neutered when he was a pup, but likes to aggravate Chloe and she yelps at him sometimes. Rusty stayed in the house when he was a pup and I trained him to go outside to potty, but I have not kept him loose in the house since he was an adult, but did keep him in his kennel indoors in the winter and he didn't ever have an accident, so I think he would be okay, you might have to watch him at first. I was told that he was a shepard mix, but now I don't think so.  I think he is either an American Bulldog or a Bull Mastiff.  He is big and rough and weighs about 110lbs, maybe a little less.  He might not be so good with little kids because he is so rough.  He loves to play tug and will chase a ball sometimes and likes toys he can toss around and shake.  He really loves us but is so jealous of Chloe.  I am heartbroken because I have to find him another home.  My son and grandson don't really like him because he hasn't taken to them so much and they think he might harm them or us some day.  He is not mean, but he is rough.  He growls when you play tug with him and they take that as being vicious.  They think he is a pit bull, but I don't believe so.  He doesn't bark much.... only when a stranger comes in the yard, but then he retreats behind the bushes. He has a bowl, harness and big kennel.  They will also go with him.  He also likes Benefull Harvest Medley and we feed him about 8 heaping cups, once daily at the same time as Chloe, at 5 or 6PM.  


11-21-2010 I have 7 puppies that needs a good home. I cannot afford to feed them.
Contact Jessica at

11-19-2010 Have 4 Dachshund/hound mix puppies.  8 weeks old.  Need to find them homes.  Please call 589-2945

11-12-2010 I have a wonderful cat I'm trying to find a home for. She is about 6 years old, solid black, spayed, front feet de- clawed and a total sweetheart. She is an indoor cat and gets along well with other animals even dogs. I adore her but unfortunately I can't keep her. I adopted her from best friends pet clinic in July of 2006. I need to find her a new family asap.  Contact: emylee315@hotmail.com

02-09-2010 Corgi - male, 3 yrs, unaltered, inside - housebroke loves to play.Contact 405-226-8379

02-05-2010 Husky mix, 7-8 months old. Currently trying to house break. Obeys commands pretty well.  Contact Carol 405-637-3977

02-03-2010 We have a dog we fd that we are trying to find a home for or we will be forced to take her to the Shawnee animal shelter.  She has all her shots and has been spayed.  We just can not keep her in our 6 foot stockade fence.  She literally jumps the fence anytime she wants in or out.  She is a medium size part German Shepherd, it is amazing that she can jump so high.  We must get rid of her this week.  Her name is Trudy.  Contact Robin rklaser@tdgnet.com

02-02-2010 Six Australian Shepherd mix puppies, free to a good home.  Available end of February 2010.  Contact Angela 405-618-4342 or 580-925-2228.

01-26-2010 She is precious and loving. I can't keep her because I already have a cat in my house that I don't believe will accept her. I live on a busy intersection and I'm so afraid she well get ran over. Can some one please adopt her or place her for me. I estimate she's about 6mos old but with her losing so much weight it's hard to tell. She is very loving and affectionate and will make a good cuddling cat. I have been calling her Lucky Bella because she is very lucky that they were showing the house yesterday and someone heard her crying. Contact Marla 405-615-5029.


01-26-2010 Found this dog on 12/16/09 in Smoking Oaks in Shawnee.  Looks like maybe he's part collie, Australian shepherd and/or lab. not neutered, no collar.  He's a sweet dog, very friendly.  Please call 405-201-7911 for more information.